But what if that little voice inside is louder, more persistent, more certain than any of these outside voices? What if you knew you had to give it a shot and accept the adventure or you knew you’d regret it forever?

The Universe was asking me to answer a more profound Call to Adventure that would take me closer toward my True Self and Purpose.

I’ve discovered that once you’ve realized your Purpose in life and who your True Self is supposed to be, it’s really difficult to ignore that little voice inside your heart always urging and pulling you toward your life’s Path.

I recognized my intuition’s invitation to evolve, its drumbeat becoming progressively louder and stronger.

Two options existed: stay in my professor position with a certain paycheck and suffer because I’m refusing the Call to pursue my destiny, or leap toward freedom. I had to believe that once airborne, I would sprout wings and God would support me.

All I knew in every fiber of my being was that if I didn’t make this shift toward my True Self, my soul would shrivel within me and die.

The Universe was urging me to expand way beyond my perceived limits and accept a dream that I believed was unreal, impossible, and out of reach.

What I’ve learned from this process – and it is a process that requires awareness, navigation, and thought, not a quick fix – is that I must surrender to the fact that God can dream a much larger dream for me than my limited human vision will allow.

You’re not meant to keep your fabulous gift to yourself hidden like a candle under a bushel. You’re supposed to let your Purpose shine and illuminate the world!

We all have a Calling – a Purpose – in life, the gifts that we were given at birth we’re meant to use to serve the world.